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  Welcome to the Transportation Department  
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Do you know which school your child is zoned to attend? You must reside in the Waller I.S.D. boundaries for school bus transportation services. Click here to access the Transfinder Bus Locator System or call 936-372-2116 and have your home address handy!

We hire the best quality drivers and train them to safely transport your child to and from school. 

Read our Transportation Safety information for safety rules and guidelines for bus transportation, bike riders, and walkers.  The students of Waller I.S.D. are our priority.  Thank you for caring about your child's safety.    

Transportation Safety

Here are some basic rules and guidelines for you to teach your children about traveling to and from school.

Waller ISD Bus System Guidelines (PDF)

Safety rules for children who ride the bus:

• Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus scheduled arrival time. Children who arrive late may run after the bus and be injured.
• Stand back from the curb while waiting for the bus.
• Don’t play near the road.
• Find a seat and sit down as quickly as possible.
• Sit facing forward. This way the bus seats can do their job and protect you during sudden stops.
When the bus is moving, stay in your seat. Waller I.S.D. follows State guidelines which state students should be assigned a seat on the bus.
• Don’t eat or drink on the bus. While this rule does help keep the bus clean, the main reason for it is to prevent choking if the bus stops suddenly or hits a bump.
• Keep your body inside the bus.
• Only cross in front of the bus when you can see the driver’s face and signal.
• Never walk behind the bus. Drivers cannot see pedestrians crossing behind the bus.
• Don’t reach under the bus to retrieve something. Keep all your belongings secure so they don’t end up under the bus.
Waller I.S.D. will not leave a student who is age 9 and under at a bus stop on the afternoon school bus route unless a parent or guardian is there to receive them.

Safety rules for children who walk or ride a bike:

• Make sure your child travels with friends.
• Tell your child not to take shortcuts. He or she should stick to main roads and sidewalks.
• Provide a whistle to blow if your child is in danger.
• Make your child wear his or her helmet if biking to school.
• Bikers also should wear bright, light-colored clothing and
have reflectors on their bikes and clothing.
• Make sure your child wears a seat belt if riding in a car.
• Teach your child not to accept rides from strangers.
• Talk frankly with your child about child predators and how they trick children.

Other things you can do to assure your child’s safety:

• Role-play. Act out certain situations children may encounter and ask your child what he or she would do.
• Always call the school if your child will be late or absent. Make sure the school knows how to contact you if your child does not show up.
• Make sure your child knows how to get in touch with you as quickly as possible. Give him or her your work phone number. Teach your child when and how to call 911.


Steps to become a Waller ISD school bus driver:

1.  Have an acceptable Motor Vehicle Driving Record (run by W.I.S.D).

2.  Pass 5 written tests based on information in the DPS Commercial Drivers Handbook (copies are available for check out from the W.I.S.D Transportation Department). When all 5 tests are passed, a permit is issued to permit training behind the wheel.

3.  Pass the DPS driving test - which takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes – and CDL is issued. (All written tests must be passed before the driving test is given).

4.  Pass the DPS School Bus Driver physical.

5.  Pass USDOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drug testing.

6.  Complete a 20-hour DPS School Bus Driver Certification Program within approximately six months after obtaining license (An 8-hour renewal course is required every three years).

For more information contact Robyn Spell at (936) 372-2116 ext. 1510.



Transportation Fun Facts:

  • Miles traveled each day -over 6,000
  • Students transported daily - approx. 3,950
  • Total routes - 216
  • Total buses - 112

Your Transportation
Department Team:

Steve Underhill
Director of Transportation
Phone: 936.372.2116

Karen Breaux
Assistant Director
of Transportation

Katie Randall

Gwen McGowen

Sylvia Garcia

Robyn Spell
Lead Trainer/
Referral Assistant

Tina Leithner
Trip Coordinator/District Vehicles

Amber Robbins
Training/Student Management

Joseph Lafleche
Fleet Manager

Raul Bernal

Luke Branyan

John Peper

Julian Trinidad

Transportation Dept.
c/o Waller I.S.D.
19203 Stokes Rd.
Waller, TX  77484
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