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  Community and Student Engagement Evaluation - CASE   

House Bill 5 (HB 5) of the 83rd Texas Legislature Regular Session added Section 39.0545 to the Texas Education Code (TEC). TEC § 39.0545 requires that each school district evaluate and assign ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, or Unacceptable for the District and for each campus on both overall performance and nine performance categories. Community and Student Engagement Evaluations (CASE) were conducted of Waller ISD and its eight schools during the spring 2017 semester. The results were an opportunity to showcase areas of excellence and success, as well as recognize areas in need of improvement. The evaluation results will assist the District with setting future goals for Waller ISD and its schools that are valued in the community.

A local district committee met to create the campus rubric and self-evaluation tool for the nine performance categories listed below:

1.  Fine Arts
2.  Wellness and Physical Education
3.  Community and Parent Involvement
4.  21st Century Workforce
     Development Program
5.  Second Language Acquisition
6.  Digital Learning
7.  Dropout Prevention Strategies
8.  Educational Programs for
    GT Students
9. Compliance with Statutory Reporting
    Policy Requirements


Rating labels for performance categories one through eight and for the overall campus/district rating are: Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Unacceptable, or  Not Applicable.  A rating of Yes or No will be assigned for performance category 9, Compliance with Statutory Reporting Policy Requirements. Click here for the rubric used.

Criteria Used for Evaluation Procedures Timeline
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Evaluation Letters to Parents
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