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  Welcome to the Maintenance Department!  

Except for long-term construction or extensive roofing, personnel of the Waller ISD Maintenance Department assume the responsibility for all maintenance-related jobs throughout the district:  custodial (including all cleaning jobs, large and small), grounds-keeping, construction, painting, welding, air conditioning and plumbing upkeep, and all electrical repair (which means keeping every motor, fan, switch, and outlet in the district working.)

In addition, Waller ISD Maintenance Department personnel also keep track of every lock on every door, locker, and filing cabinet in the district - and they change an estimated 2500 light bulbs every school year!

Jerri Barkley, Waller ISD Maintenance Department Secretary, handles 700-800 purchase orders per year; keeps all manuals involving state requirements updated; and serves as central dispatcher, keeping the daily operations of the department running smoothly with their knowledge of the skills and current location of each employee.

The high percentage of work done in-house, which is accomplished by focusing on the hiring of quality, multi-skilled personnel, allows the Waller ISD Maintenance Department to maintain the optimum in both cost and time efficiency.



Waller ISD Asbestos Notice - Waller ISD is working hard to maintain compliance with federal and state regulation concerning asbestos.  Should you desire to review the asbestos management plan for your child's school, a copy of the plan is available in the Principal's office as well as the school's central administration office.
If you have any questions, about the plan or this federally mandated program, please contact Waller ISD Maintenance Department at 936-372-3559.

The Waller ISD Maintenance Department directs the construction of bond projects.  Most recently, the voters of Waller ISD passed a $49.29 million bond in May, 2007 which funded the construction of the new Evelyn Turlington Elementary School, renovations to Waller Junior High and Wayne C. Schultz Junior High, funded a new stadium, and helped make district-wide improvements.  



  Your Maintenance Team  

Terry Logan
Maintenance Director



Jerri Barkley

Maintenance Secretary

Maintenance Dept.
c/o Waller ISD
Phone: 936,372.3559
Fax: 936.372.2405
2215 Daughtery
Waller, TX  77484

  Maintenance Staff

James McGee, Assistant Dir., HVAC
Melvin Stokley, District Maint.
Guy Thomas, District Maint.
Mark Sanders, HVAC, District Maint.
Lloyd Sikes, Security, Fire Alarms,
                    District Maint.
Leo Mora, Custodial Supervisor
Gabriel Espinoza, District Maint.
Xavier Arellano Sr., Plumber. District Maint.
Bill Shirley, District Maintenance
Bryan Allison, On-Site WJH
Billy Breneman, On-Site FSE
Rosalio Martinez, On-Site HES
Billy Perry, On-Site WHS

Jullian Trinidad, On-Site JES
Scott Pocius, On-Site TES
Bryan Smith, On-Site SJH
Lamont Muehr, On-Site RRE

Custodian Staff


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