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  Human Resources Support Staff Employment  
Clerical, Educator Aides, Maintenance, Custodians, and Food Services

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Support Staff Employment Requirements and Procedures
Requirements 1. Complete Support Staff Application      
2. Criminal History Check Clearance
3. Fingerprint Process & Clearance
4. Minimum of High School Diploma or GED (Clerical & Educator Aide only)
Employment Procedures There are 3 stages to the employment process. Click here to read about the application, interview, and employment procedures.  
New Hire Paperwork The following list of documents are required to complete an employee file.  Failure to comply with these requirements may affect employee pay.

1.   Resume
2.   Copy of highest level of education(Diploma, GED, or Transcripts)
3.   Service Records (if prior experience)
4.   W4-Form
5.   I-9 Form
6.   State Issued Identification Card (for background purpose)
7.   Social Security Card (for TRS purpose)
8.   Direct Deposit
9.   Voided Check (attach to direct deposit form)
10. Emergency Contact Form
11. SSA-1945 Form
12. Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form
13. Employee Acknowledgement of Worker’s Comp Network
14. Public Access Public Form
15. Employee Ethnicity Form

1.  Fingerprint Procedures
2.  Mission Statement
3.  Employee Standards of Conduct
4.  Current District Calendar
5.  District Map
6.  Benefits Contact Information 
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