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Image of Jorge Alvarado
Jorge Alvarado

Bilingual /ESL Director

Jorge Alvarado was named the Bilingual/ESL Director for Waller ISD in 2008. Alvarado came to Waller ISD in 1999 as a 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher at I.T. Holleman Elementary. He obtained an Education degree from St. Thomas University and a Master's Degree from Texas A&M University in Bilingual Education.

Alvarado finds ways to give Waller ISD Bilingual and ESL students more opportunities and a true understanding of the importance of a higher education by striving for a greater future. He helps bring information to our many non-English speaking families, and at the same time, works towards strong partnerships with outside communities for future projects. Alvarado strives to make our Hispanic community the best they can be, his motto is the 3 Cs - Communication, Commitment, and Courage.

Jorge resides in Waller, TX along with his wife and son. Since 2002, He had volunteered his time to organize the Waller Youth Soccer Summer League for students in grades PK-6. Jorge's hobbies are spending time with his family and reading.

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